I wish I knew why he left. What his reasons were. Why he changed his mind.

For all these years, I have turned it over in my head—all the possibilities—yet none of them make any sense.

And then I think, perhaps it was because he never loved me. But that makes the lease sense of all.
Lang Leav, Love and Misadventure (via llogicas)

I am


You asked me why I was

afraid to fall in love with you.

And I never really answered—

               But here it is:

Because you’re perfect.

Because you’re genuine.

Because there’s no free get out of jail card

if I let myself feel what I want to.

There’s no cure for a sleepless night;

There’s no cure for a million butterflies;

                              There’s no cure,

                              and damnit, I’m terrified. 

I don’t want to even begin

to fall in love with you.

But I have,

I am,

I am.